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New Mexico "A" Reservoirs

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Name County USGS Topo Map
A A A Tank Lincoln Bull Gap
A A A Tank Lincoln Bull Gap SW
AAA Tank Eddy Bond Draw
AAA Tank Cibola Broom Mountain
AAA Tank Otero Shiloh Hills SE
AAA Tank Sierra Fuller Ranch
AAA Tank Sierra Fairview Well
Abbott Lake Harding Abbott Lake
Abe Tank Lincoln Tecolote Peak
Abiquiu Reservoir Rio Arriba Ghost Ranch
Above Hay Pasture Tank Catron Luera Mountains West
Abundant Pit Tank Sandoval Mule Dam
Ace Tank Do├▒a Ana Taylor Well
Achenback Tank Do├▒a Ana Organ Peak
Ackin Tank Grant Maverick Mountain
Acorn Tank Catron Gallo Mountains East
Acrey Tank Otero Packsaddle Canyon
Acrey Water Storage Tank Eddy Ares Peak
Adair Tank Catron Luna Lake
Adams Tank Sierra Taylor Peak
Adams Tank Chaves Culp Ranch
Addison Tank Torrance Round Top
Adobe House Tank Sierra Shannon Canyon
Adobe Tank Catron Woodland Park
Adobe Tank Catron Burnt Corral Canyon
Adobe Tank Do├▒a Ana Rough and Ready Hills
Adobe Tank Lincoln Ramon SW
Adobe Tank Catron Wahoo Peak
Adolpho Tank Socorro Sierra Larga North
Agua Alto Tank Grant Circle Mesa
Agua Bendita San Miguel Rowe
Agua Bendita Tank San Miguel Laguna Ortiz
Agua de los Juanes Guadalupe Anton Chico
Agua Fria Lake Colfax Garcia Peak
Agua Fria Tank Catron Largo Mesa
Agua Fria Tank Catron Gallo Mountains East
Agua Tank Rio Arriba Las Tablas
Aguage Guadalupe Anton Chico
Aguila Tank Socorro Lovelace Mesa
Ahogadero Tank Rio Arriba Pine Lake
Aikers Tank Hidalgo Culberson Ranch
Airplane Water Storage Tank Otero Panama Ranch
Airport Tank Catron Mogollon
Airstrip Tank Catron Gallo Mountains West
Akers Trick Tank Otero Sacramento
Akins Tank Chaves Round Mountain
Alamito Tank San Miguel Horse Pasture Tank
Alamito Tank Number Sixteen Sandoval San Luis
Alamo Tank Socorro Monticello
Alamo Tank Rio Arriba Llaves
Alamo Tank Rio Arriba Mogote Peak
Alamo Tank Otero Alamo Mountain
Alamo Tank Do├▒a Ana Souse Springs
Alamo Tank Sandoval San Felipe Mesa
Alamo Tank Rio Arriba Bancos Mesa
Alamocito Tank Catron Mangas Mountain
Alamosa Number One Tank Rio Arriba El Rito
Alamosa Number Two Tank Rio Arriba El Rito
Alasan Tank San Miguel El Cabo
Albino Tank San Miguel Clines Corners
Alcario Tank McKinley Mesita Del Gavilan
Alcario Tank McKinley San Lucas Dam
Alcon Tank Cibola Broom Mountain
Alden Lee Tank Chaves Denton Camp
Alderete Tank Valencia Mesas Mojinas
Alejandro Water Tank McKinley El Dado Mesa
Alemanes Tank Rio Arriba El Rito
Alesna Tank McKinley Cerro Alesna
Alex Tank Rio Arriba Mule Canyon
Alexander Tank Grant Moon Ranch
Alexander Tank Grant Crookson Peak
Alexander Tanks Catron Cruzville
Algerita Tank Otero Algerita Canyon
Alire Tank Number 1 Rio Arriba Broke Off Mountain
Alive Number One Tank Rio Arriba Bighorn Peak
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